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Aug 24, 2013 11:30am PDT
posed for "vogue" she's a beautiful, glamorous, successful, brilliant woman. the world should get used to that. there are a lot of them. second thing is, the mistake here is the busy bodies judging her. >> really? glim not so much of a busy body but i really do think that she is inappropriate for who she is. can you imagine, we know scott brown posed just about full frontal nude and still became a u.s. senator. but i can't think of a major seriously taken, let's take richard branson out of the picture because he's not really feign that seriously. seriously taken male c.e.o. posing in a suit upside down for a magazine, i can't see it. >> it's different for us, sometimes we can set the standard for break the mold i think it's great because she is beautiful and lovely. her stock is beating google. >> i think women are redefining success. it can include women being sexy and glamorous. >> this is also "vogue" this is about fashion. fashion is about sensuality and you sell looking good, looking sexy, whether you're a man or woman. that's what it is. i. >> i get your point about the upside do
Aug 31, 2013 11:30am PDT
have the luxury, my mother is moving in with us, my mother who is an older woman will be helping us take care of our child. child care is very -- so many different factors that made it very difficult for women in the workforce overall. >> that's the most important issue that this is the quality of life issue. and the fact some women and men want to have a life. we are in a workforce now where people are really in a stripped down situation, they're being pushed very, very hard they're being told you're lucky if you have a job. and we have not solved this problem of women moving in to the workforce in massive numbers not just providing free care at home so that men can have career. that's not the case any more. but our society has not caught up. it's not just -- it would be nice to stay home take care of my kids it's that as you say child compare is incredibly expensive. we don't have a public structure that allows for people to have things like paid time off and half of women can't even take a day off to take care of a sick child in this country. we have a very brutal economy -- >> b
Aug 9, 2013 5:30pm EDT
? - couple of grand? - a couple of-- you told me buying this place cleared us out. - it did. - so? - something came up. - what? - i got the check from sharon. - you never told me. it came this morning, you were half awake. well, half that money's mine. so i get a say in how it's spent. look, we can talk about money, the whys, the wherefores, but one thing's not for discussion-- - this money is for the kid. - fine. - so where you going now? - to buy some boots! not only are they quiet but they are very powerful, ladies. even the n.h.s. are using 'em to whip out your tonsils. "what do i want with a portable vacuum cleaner?" whip out nasal hair! blimey, that hurt! it's also good for getting the dog hairs off your duvet. you can also get the spider out the bathroom... the creepy crawlies? and also getting the biscuits out of your bed? when i left yours this morning i was still getting the crumbs out me underpants. if you go down any high street shop, it's 50 quid for that. i don't even reckon it's worth 40. put your money away. forget 30, for 25 quid-- 25 quid? no, not even 25. give m
Aug 23, 2013 5:30pm EDT
kids asking for money for various causes. >> we focused on two organizations using children as fundraisers. here because a little while ago, one group was at this location but they left once it started rating. the children use bucket similar to this and they walk up to cars and trucks and ask for any types of contributions they can get that there is a lot of concern about how safe this really is. a donation.sts she appears to drop a coin and retrieves it from under the rear tire of this car stopped at a light. seconds later, traffic begins moving. it is incidents like this that worry drivers. atched children walk up to cars and trucks at various intersections. the kids, part of a summer program, run by the african heritage walkathon incorporated. >> we raise funds to give back to the community. >> victory swift says it started in 2003 and has raised $22,000 further groups working with till june. it has a walkathon as a fundraiser each year. permissionrents give to participate in the kids are trained and supervised to maintain safety. >> they are aware of the running does not me
Aug 8, 2013 9:00am EDT
debate over the meaning of "jurisdiction." despite that, it is being used by a growing number of foreign women to deliver here. in 2000, the centers for disease control and prevention reported that more than 5,000 infants were born here to foreign mothers. in 2008, the latest year for which data are available, the number was just fewer than 7,500, but many say those numbers are woefully underreported. here's how birth tourism works. brokers advertise, offering package deals to women who want to have their newborns become u.s. citizens. these women are often accompanied by their husbands, who are an integral part of the planning process. janan tashi reports for the inland valley daily bulletton and covering the ballooning trend as more women arrive to give birth in southern california. >> this is kind of a birthing package where everything is pre-set up for you and everything from where you're going to stay, where you're going to go while you are here, if you're doing any vacationing while you're here, visiting your doctors' offices, whether having a natural birth or a c-section,
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5